Daysha Marozzo

Design Drafter

Daysha has been a member of the Silverpeak team since mid-2021.  She has been assisting the design team on both commercial and residential project. Daysha loves the design process from start to finish; seeing the Client’s vision of their space take form, all the way through to completion. She has aspirations of being a senior project designer and is already well on her way. She learns quickly and is very attentive to the needs of each project while ensuring that the form and function of a project work within the client’s budget.

Daysha is an avid photographer that also loves snowmobiling, snowboarding, drawing, and crocheting.


Select commercial Projects:
KidzTown Daycare, West Valley Campus (46,251 SF, two levels)
Wallace Stegner Academy,  West Valley Campus (46,251 SF, two levels)

Select Residential Projects:
Valley Heights Residence, Heber, UT (4,505 SF, two levels)
Davis Residence, Kaysville, UT (5,623 SF, two levels)
Shaw Residence, Plain City, UT (2,952 SF)
Terry Residence, Bear River, UT (3,319 SF, two levels)
Higuera Barndominium, Liberty, UT (3,165 SF, two levels)


AS Interior Design: Weber State University, Dec. 2021

We engineer and design to exceed every expectation of our project partners and enhance the experience of users.

Every project is conceived to be innovatively beautiful, sustainable, efficient, and of the utmost safety.